Filter Systems

Professional quality filtration for breathing air applications

MDE Filter UnitsMidland Diving manufacture a range of high pressure breathing air filtration systems which exceed the highest standards, using high quality anodised aluminium and designed for ease of operation and maintenence.

Whether you require a complete system or a Nitrox final stage, our range of units offer reliable, tailored solutions.


Maximum working pressure 414 bar
2 x 1/4 BSPTF inlets for air and safety valve
1 x 1/4 BSPTF outlet
Bleed port for condensate
Burst disc for safety
Requires an MDE Disposable Cartridge

MDE Separator unitsAlso available

Our Series 45 and 50 Coalescing Separators offer easier maintenence and higher efficiency than conventional mechanical separators, extending chemical purification cartridge life by up to 15%.

Complete systems including a separator, single or twin filters, valves, pipework and mounting bracket can be built to order, for any flow rate from 2.37 to 23.7 litres/second.

Available Models

H015075 – Series 45 Basic Filter Unit (L-XXXX)
H034030 – Series 45 Coalescing Separator Unit (L-XXXX)
H015700 – Series 50 Basic Filter Unit (LB-XXXX)
H021130 – Series 50 Coalescing Separator Unit (LB-XXXX)
H034100T – Series 50L Basic Filter Unit (LC-XXXX)
H034150 – Series 50XL Basic Filter Unit (LD-XXXX)
Please contact us for information on complete systems and tailor-made options