Enabling Efficiency in Filtration

Filtration systems rely on pressure for efficiency. Your cartridge life is reduced every time depressurisation occurs, so Midland Diving introduced the Pressure Maintaining Valve.

Our PMV series hold a set level of pressure in a filter system, to maximise cartridge life and ensure efficient air filtration.

All models are supplied with 1/4BSPTM inlet and 1/4BSPPM cone outlet for metal to metal seal with a charging hose, and can optionally be factory set, wire-locked and tagged for a small £3.40 charge (please quote code ZWL and your requested setting when ordering).

Available Models
  • H013700 Series 25 PMV (up to 138 Bar)
  • H013740 Series 30 PMV (138 to 207 Bar)
  • H013770 Series 40 PMV (207 to 275 Bar)

Refurbishment Kit Contains:

  • 1 x M013743 – Anti-Extrusion Ring
  • 1 x M015014 – O Ring
  • 1 x M013703 – Bonded Seal
  • 1 x M013702 – Piston