DEMA Show Day 2

MDE at the Orlando Convention CentreIt was a beautiful morning as we arrived at the convention centre to be greeted by two live bands, before once again getting the booth ready for the day ahead.

DEMA was yet to open its doors but we were already chatting with other exhibitors making enquiries at our stand. It was great to meet distributors and some more of our UK business partners.

Day Two was very busy, one stand attacting visitors with live music and another with beer and rum – it certainly seemed to work!

The DEMA highlight of the day was a simulated shipwreck sinking into the show pool, but we also had great fun meeting people, giving out brochures and gifts, and chatting about Robin Hood!

DEMA Show Day 1

DEMA 2009 show floorWe arrived early at the convention centre to complete the final touches to the MDE booth, and found a band playing in the entrance hall. With the inaccessible power sorted, air con on, and our brochures and gifts at the ready, we prepared for opening day of the DEMA Show 2009.

Early contact was made with both Diver magazine and Sport Diver, interested in featuring Midland Diving in their upcoming DEMA articles.

It was a busy first day, meeting lots of people with many enquiries for MDE products – from distributors looking for diving valves and equipment, to interest in our compressor valves, filtration and accessories, and even some people looking to purchase our moulded cylinder tops for retail displays!

Feedback was very positive, our visitors commenting they hadn’t had much luck in their search for quality valves until they found MDE.

Thanks to all those who came to see us on day one, from distributors to people simply wanting to play, and even some of our UK dealers like Galaxsea Divers!

MDE arrives at DEMA

MDE DEMA stand on setup dayShow Report: 3rd November – Setup Day

We arrived at the Orange County Convention Centre in the morning, and found our booth really standing out from the crowd. Roger Ellis’ backboard artwork and design look amazing – a real eye-catcher.

We began setting up – unpacking the boxes of cylinder valves, bands, airgun charging kit and our moulded cylinder tops for modelling it all.

MDE Valves on the DEMA standTeething problems such as the out-of-place banner were quickly fixed, furniture was moved into place, and we began the valve display, getting them just where we wanted them.

After a break for lunch and stopping to solve the problem of a completely inaccessible power supply, we spent a while looking around other exhibits, meeting companies and talking to some interested people.

The build took approximately 5 hours – time well spent making us ready for four days’ successful exhibiting… Let’s just hope that tomorrow they remember to switch the air con on!

Midland Diving goes to DEMA

DEMA Show logoFrom 4th-7th November, you’ll be able to visit MDE on stand 1752 at the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association show.

Set in Orlando, Florida, you’re invited to talk to some of our staff and see our new range of diving equipment, cylinder bands and our legendary MDE SCUBA valves.

This trade only event is a great way for those interested in marketing Midland Diving products to get to know us and what makes our products unique.

For more information please visit the DEMA website or contact us:
Midland Diving Equipment Ltd, 57 Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester LE2 0TD.
Tel: +44(0)116 212 4262 Fax: +44(0)116 212 4263

MDE introduce a safer valve for Airgunners

MDE Jubilee Gun ValveMidland Diving Equipment Ltd, Leicester launch an innovative new 300 bar cylinder valve dedicated to safe filling of pneumatic pre-charged airguns.

This new valve incorporates a patented device which automatically restricts the flow rate into the airgun, even if the valve is fully opened.

This safety feature now allows the operator time to close the valve at the correct charge pressure for their particular airgun as indicated on the built-in gauge. The valve also has a new rubberised easy grip tactile handwheel.

The valve will be available in 3, 7 & 12 litre 300bar cylinders from your airgun dealer.

For more information contact :-
Midland Diving Equipment Ltd, 57 Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester LE2 0TD.
Tel: +44(0)116 212 4262 Fax: +44(0)116 212 4263